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Auto & Home Insurance in Westmont, IL

If you own a vehicle and your home, using the same insurer for your home and auto insurance policies could have numerous benefits, including a discount on both.

The team at TW Group can help determine whether bundling your home and auto insurance could help you save money.

Is Home and Auto Insurance Required in Illinois?

All Illinois drivers must maintain minimum auto liability insurance to comply with state laws. If you have a car loan or lease, the lienholder typically requires full coverage insurance. This may include comprehensive, collision and guaranteed asset protection (GAP) insurance in addition to liability coverage.

Illinois doesn’t require home insurance, but if you have a mortgage, your lienholder may require home insurance to help repair or replace your home’s structure and outbuildings after a covered event, such as a fire or natural disaster.

It may make sense to purchase more coverage than your lienholder or the state requires depending on your situation. Your agent can help you get auto and home insurance to meet your needs.

Should I Bundle Home and Auto Insurance?

Bundling home and auto insurance with the same insurer can result in significant cost savings as many insurers provide multipolicy discounts. Bundling your policies can also offer a single point of contact for both, making it easier to manage and resolve any issues.

Choosing to bundle your home and auto policies or continuing to use two different insurers could depend on numerous factors, including whether you need a specialized type of auto insurance, such as SR-22 or classic/collector car insurance. Not every insurer provides access to specialty insurance products.

How to Bundle Home and Auto Insurance

To bundle your home and auto insurance, contact your agent to get quotes from several reputable insurers.

Compare the quotes, considering both the cost and the coverage offered, and choose the provider that best meets your needs. Your agent can help notify the provider that you wish to bundle your policies, and they will guide you through the process of bundling your home and auto insurance.

Do You Save by Bundling Home and Auto Insurance?

Some insurers provide multipolicy discounts for policyholders who bundle home and auto policies. You may also be able to bundle renters and auto insurance if you don’t own your home but need coverage for your possessions.

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