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December 30, 2020

Auto Insurance for Vehicle Water Damage?Auto Insurance for Vehicle Water Damage?

Auto Insurance for Vehicle Water Damage

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If your car sustains water damage, then the results are likely to be costly. Your engine and other systems under the hood might be destroyed, and you might face extensive interior damage, mold development and other problems as well. These are going to cost a pretty penny to fix, if they can even be fixed at all. 

The first thing to do in this situation is to call your auto insurance provider. In many cases, your auto insurance policy will cover water damage to the vehicle. However, there are limits to how much compensation it will provide, and sometimes it won’t offer coverage at all.


When Does Car Insurance Cover Water Damage? 

You buy car insurance to protect yourself against the costs that might arise from unexpected, unavoidable damage to your vehicle. Wrecks, for instance, almost always fall under this definition. However, when it comes to environmental hazards that might damage your car, such as rain or floodwater, the situation is a bit more complicated. 

Broadly speaking, if your car gets damaged by a flood or rainwater entering it, then it will have coverage. After all, you generally cannot predict when these problems will occur. 

However, this coverage is not guaranteed. For example, if you leave your windows down, and a rainstorm begins and soaks your interior, then you will have no coverage. Furthermore, if you have a slow leak in a part of your car that allows water into areas that should be protected, then you will not have coverage because this loss is one you might have been able to prevent with minor repairs.


How Can I Make Sure My Auto Insurance Covers Me? 

Along with the cause of the water damage, the coverage included within your auto policy will also influence the benefits you receive. 

While most auto policies will cover physical damage, this coverage is generally not included in every plan automatically. Therefore, you will have to request that your insurer add it to your plan at the time you enroll. The coverage you need is called comprehensive coverage, which pays for damage to your car from hazards other than collisions.  

Comprehensive coverage will include deductibles, and if the water damage totals your car, then your will compensate you based on the cash value of the car at the time of the loss. It also will not cover custom parts that you have added to the car unless you have an appropriate endorsement. 

Since water damage in a vehicle can be both pervasive and extremely costly, it’s best to adjust your auto policy to provide yourself with appropriate help in case of any eventuality. Let your agent help you determine the best way to do so.

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